Join Our Team

We are so grateful for the individuals, couples, and families who are willing to get on board with the vision and ministry that God has burdened us with.  Here are several ways that you can partner with us:

     1. Be a Partner in Vision

Read our blog, newsletters, and follow us on social media.  We are so grateful for people who are excited about the vision, who are informed about what we doing and who are sharing our ministry with others! 

2. Be a Partner in Prayer

Please pray for us daily, weekly, monthly.  Pray for us personally, in your church prayer meeting, Sunday Schools, and church services.  We believe that the Lord will use your prayers to impact the ministry in Argentina and beyond! Check our latest newsletter for prayer request updates.

3. Be a Partner Financially

We would love for more people to join our monthly support team to benefit the ministry in Argentina.  We know that God has a plan for you and your response to the Great Commission.  We would love to connect with you and share more specifics about being a financial partner.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in this option.

You can setup recurring or special gift giving online by check or credit card here

4. Be a Partner in Encouragement

We know that body of Christ and other friends are a huge part of our continued success on the field.  And we also know that Argentina may seem like a long way away from the United States at times, but we want to maintain relationships and be an encouragement to you as well!   Thankfully, technology makes the distance a bit easier.  Please call us, text us, Facetime/Skype with us, send us a Facebook message, email us, mail us a letter.  We don’t do this alone!

5. Partner by visiting

One way that people can partner is by visiting us here in Argentina. Normally arrangements can be made for a visit for basic encouragement or other ministry projects. Please reach out if this is something that you would be interested in.