The Argentina Vision Trip Recap

We have had a few days to get some sleep again, and are settling back into our “normal” routine.  So we finally have a chance to update you all on our recent vision trip to Argentina.  It was a great trip. God answered many of your prayers in regards to building a vision, team, and answering many of our questions!  We are so thankful for how smooth and enjoyable the whole trip was!

Here is a recap in a few pictures and video so you can catch a small part of the vision too!


We had two long 25-35 hour days in planes to start and end our trip!


We enjoyed dinner with some Argentine friends at the Argentine dinner hour of 11:00pm!


Eric and the guys got to learn about how to bbq the Argentine way – at an “asado.” It was some of the best meat we have ever tasted!!


This is the Reaching and Teaching International Ministries Argentina team and their families! We really enjoyed getting to know them and their families, and look forward to working and living around them in the future!


One of the fun sites that we saw at “Mercado Norte” market in downtown Cordoba.


A landmark in downtown Cordoba – a Catholic church in the main square in this mostly “post-Catholic” nation. There are many who need to know the hope of the Savior!


Danica overlooking the city of Cordoba, a city of 1.5 million people, which will be our new home.


We enjoyed a church service at Centro Crecer, the church we will be involved with while in language school in Cordoba.  This a solid, biblical church with members who are involved in church planting, evangelism and serving Christ in their city and country, and we are excited to be a part of it!


Thank you again for your prayers and support!  We are excited to move forward!

Following Him where He takes us,

Eric and Danica Abisror

One thought on “The Argentina Vision Trip Recap

  1. LaJune Bromels says:

    I can feel your excitement after viewing your video, but my parent issues want you to stay stateside. Hard for me to release you to a far away land.


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