How Time Goes By 

During this journey of fundraising, Danica and I have had the priviledge of visiting a lot of places that bring us back to our past. We have driven past old houses that Danica and I lived in 30 years ago, we have seen friends that we made in elementary school, and we have told stories to our kids from what feels like long long ago. All of these experiences have reminded us of several lessons that we want to take to heart as we head to the mission field.  These are grounded in `two very precious promises from Scripture. 

First, time is fleeting. James 4 talks about how time is just but a vapor. It is something that comes and goes and can’t be recovered. All we have is our memories. Maybe some pictures. And if we are lucky, some funny videos. Truly we have only one life to live. Every Christian should partially be driven to live in a way knowing that they only have one life to live. And this also is one of the reasons why Danica and I chose to go overseas. We wanted to make the most our lives. Not everyone needs or should go to the mission field. But again, when we see life as fleeting, it should cause us to reconsider how we are spending our time on earth.

Second, eternity is a precious promise for this fleeting life. As we go through the days of life, something tells us that there must be more. We know intuitively that this life, with its struggles, is not all there is.  And for the Christian, there is something more. We have the blessing of enjoying the precious gifts that God has given us on this earth, but we don’t have to live as if this life is all there is. We look forward to eternally living with our one true God. The promise for those who repent and believe in Christ, the Son of the Living God, is eternity with him away from sin and sadness.

Below are some pictures from a recent trip that we took to California. We had the chance to take our boys to the town I used to live in.

The front of the house that I lived in when i was a kid.

Showing my boys the creek that I would play in when I was their age.

Ojai pizza was the first place that I got fired from :). Not the last 😀

The high school that I graduated from.



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