Goodbye, Bigfoot Java—Goodbye, Mount Vernon

Just a few days ago, our family made our final trip to Mount Vernon. We spent the day shopping for last minute things before we leave this chapter of our lives behind. Leaving Mount Vernon for the final time for awhile marked a sad day for us. And this leaving was the climax of a long month of goodbyes to precious people that we love. It was difficult driving away from Mount Vernon after seven great years.

As we left our dear friend’s house that night, the rain was falling–a very appropriate farewell from Mount Vernon. We told the boys to look up and remember all of the different places they saw that have made an impact on us.

As we drove away, the boys, giggling most of the way said things like, “Goodbye Dominos, goodbye Griffen’s house, goodbye Safeway, goodbye Walmart, goodbye EBC.”

It brought tears and memories to our eyes as we thought of all the places and the memories. Saying goodbye to our church, EBC was the hardest (More on that in a future blog).

However, there was one place that surprised me. They said goodbye to “Bigfoot Java.” Bigfoot Java is a small coffee shack on the side of the main road into Mount Vernon. Our family has never been there before. So when they said that I wondered about why they cared about that seemingly insignificant place in our family’s memories. But as we got on the freeway and drove away from Mount Vernon, I realized why. I could recount how many times we got off at that same exit to come home from a long trip or vacation. And there was Bigfoot Java, saying “Welcome home.”

Goodbye Mt. Vernon, we will miss you :).

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Bigfoot Java—Goodbye, Mount Vernon

  1. Debby says:

    You guys will definitely be missed! We so appreciate the love and shepherding you did with each of our kids. God’s richest blessings to you as you follow His leading in your lives.

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  2. LaJune Bromels says:

    What an example you are setting for all of us at EBC. We love you, will miss you, especially seeing the boys grow up, and we are so proud of you. Like seeing your child go off to college. Looking forward to the news you will share with us concerning your following God’s direction.

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  3. bradley240 says:

    So Long Abisror’s…

    Judy and I regretfully missed the luncheon EBC held for you several Sunday mornings ago and had planned to give you our little farewell speech, but were both sick that weekend.

    We will faithfully keep your family in our prayers as God leads you into His will and plan for your lives in Argentina.

    We are registered to receive your newsletters and await the very first one since you landed in Argentina today. 2/2/2018, updating all your friends and followers of what God has done in your lives.

    Take care and know many of your brothers and sisters are wtth you in Spirit.



  4. Betty Webster says:

    Techies we are not! This is a stretch for us to be part of a blog—whatever that means. Only for you, Eric & Danica, so we can keep up with you guys and be able to pray!

    Don & Betty


  5. Oscar and Martha says:

    Hello Eric, Danica, Bri and the five “Musketeersz’
    Thank God our prayers were answered and the Lord safely guided you to your new destination. May He continue to always be with you as you adjust to your new home. Quite strange that you have barely left but are already very much missed.
    With our love and His blessings to each of you,
    Oscar and Martha


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