An update from the Abisrors

It has been about one month and a half since arriving in Argentina. Our time here has been such a blessing. Without question, there are challenges, but we know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. We hope to give more updates soon, but the last three weeks have been extremely busy moving into our new home, getting the kids enrolled in school, starting language School and just trying to figure out a brand new life.

We are so thankful for our new church at Centro Crecer! Is it is an Argentine church, and we are learning a lot of Spanish by listening to sermon in Spanish and talking to people afterword.

There is a park near the church that we go to. Before church last Sunday, we got the boys some hotdogs for dinner. It was a very early dinner for Argentine standards. People in Argentina usually don’t eat dinner until about 8-10PM. So that is one thing we have had to get used to.

Isaac and Ben in their new Jardin. That is the school for them that they go to 5 days a week for about three hours.

Last week we had our first Asado since getting to Argentina. This is there famous BBQ. The meat is amazing, but the company is even better. We did not start eating until about 10:30PM  and did not get home till about 1:45AM. The boys did pretty good!

I won’t lie, we have had a few delivery ice creams to our house since coming 😋

I started language school on March 6th. Danica started on March 13th. My mind is usually fried after I am done. However, we are both loving it.

We are so thankful for the house that the Lord provided for us. It is in a good neighborhood and we have enough space for the boys to run around. Such a blessing.

Josiah and Jackson in their all Spanish school. It has been an adjustment for them.

Some prayer requests for us:

  1. Visas: We think we have all the paperwork to submit. Please pray that there are no problems with what we have when we submit everything next week.
  2. School for the boys: Please pray for the kids and their adjustment to school. The first week was pretty hard on them, but this last week was much better. There were still tears, but they are getting used to it. We have been very encouraged by the stories of perseverance of other missionaries and putting their kids in school. Please pray that the boys would learn enough Spanish to communicate with friends and their teachers. Pray that they would find their satisfaction and hope in Jesus and nothing else.
  3. Learning Spanish: Our entire family is now immersed in Spanish. Please pray that our family would be able to learn the language quickly.
  4. Ministry opportunity in Northern Argentina: Although Danica and I will be primarily focusing on language school for the first year, our colleagues are now doing ministry in Argentina. There are some highly possible specific training opportunities in Northern Argentina. Pray for wisdom in discerning all of the ministry opportunities in Argentina.

3 thoughts on “An update from the Abisrors

  1. D. R. WEBSTER says:

    What a joy to hear from you! With all your photos & notes, we felt like we were right there with you! We remember our time at Seteca in Guatemala & how hard it was not knowing the language. Word by word, day by day, all of you will one day be fluent in Spanish—the Lord will enable you.

    Our love, Don & Betty



  2. Doug and Barb Peterson says:

    Hi and hugs to all of you! So glad to hear how well you’re doing and adjusting. Wow- all Spanish for Josiah and Jackson! That BBQ sounds delicious!
    We are guessing that you are in the season of Fall.
    We are starting to enjoy the pink blossoms on the trees and the daffodils are blooming. Everyone is starting to mow their lawn as well. Our home group will be praying for your requests. Thanks for including them. We attended Linda Stroud’s memorial service yesterday. It was so unexpected. It will be hard for Matt. We are all well. J & x got a 1 year old large dog. Greet everyone for us. Barb (and Doug). Oh. C & A are headed to Bible school in Alaska in August.



    So glad to hear you are doing well and being blessed in your new everything. We do pray for you, but appreciate the specific prayer requests. We mailed you a letter and are hoping the mail service is reliable. It may take a couple of weeks.
    We are doing well and looking forward to a visit from Ronda.
    Love you all,
    Ron and Robin


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