6 Things we are doing during Quarantine.

It has been one month since we have left our house. We have gone to get food a few times, but our government does not permit going for walks or leaving the house any other reason. With all our extra “home” time, we have done some different things as a family and individuals to try to keep us motivated and encouraged. Here are a few things that we have been doing.

  1. Memorizing Bible verses: As a family, we have been using Seeds Family Worship YouTube videos to help us memorize different Bible verses. These verses, honestly, have been a great comfort to us during these difficult days. These verses are sources of encouragement, hope, truth, and motivation of prayer for others in our world of suffering. Some of the verses that we have been memorizing are 1 John 4:14, Colossians 1:16, John 14:1-2, John 3:16, and Philippians 2:11. It can be easy to be anxious during times like this and believe lies about God or our world. When one is filled with what the Bible says, it is easier to remember what the truth is.
  2. Teaching our kids about sin and God’s sovereignty: These extremely strange times have provided many opportunities for helpful family devotions and conversations. We have talked with our kids about the pain, suffering, and the effects of sin in our world and how Christ is our only hope in life and in death. We have also been able to talk more about God’s sovereignty and how Christ is presently sustaining all things in this world for His Glory.
  3. Playing more intentionally with the kids: We have had more time lately to pull out fun board games with the kids. We have played Clue, Ticket to Ride, and yes, a game called Pandemic. This has provided a time for us to try and think a little more creatively about things to do with the kids. Last week, we made a fort with the kids and they tried to sleep in it overnight. It fell in the middle of the night and ended up not being the most successful fort we have built 🙂.
  4. Going on runs in our back yard. Yes, I am now doing long-distance running in my backyard. Though it is a short track, it works better than a treadmill. In general, we have tried to keep a healthy routine during our quarantine, which includes some exercise. I have created a new workflow for my workday while trying to maintain some resemblance of normality. This has included a lot more zoom conference calls as well.
  5. Homeschool. Of course, with the kids out of school for the foreseeable future, we have started “homeschooling” again with the kids schoolwork that their school has sent them as well as some English and Bible lessons. Danica (and I) have really enjoyed the extra time with the kids. Danica loves being able to teach our kids and disciple them more intentionally.
  6. ACBC exams. Because many of my ministry trips were canceled, I have had extra time to finish my biblical counseling certification. I have been working towards certification with the Association Of Certified Biblical Counselors and thankful to have made a significant step in the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed thinking through and working on this. As a encouragement to you all, this ministry has provided some excellent resources to deal with issues like fear, worry, anxiety, and more from a Biblical perspective during the Corona virus. https://biblicalcounseling.com/pandemic-resources/. Check it out!

We pray that our days are honoring to our Lord and Savior. And we are grateful for the unusual times He has given us during this season!

Live stream from our house!
Ticket to Ride with the family.
Many more zoom calls these days
Trying out new foods!
School with mom

4 thoughts on “6 Things we are doing during Quarantine.


    Great photos and inspiring details of your family life while quarantined, especially for us grandparents. LOVE YOU ALL!


  2. Donna Sweeney says:

    So glad that you all are having wonderful family time. What a great investment in the lives of those wonderful boys. Love seeing your pictures and how they are growing.
    Much love and prayers for all ,
    Brian and Donna
    Sweeney, ebc


  3. Susan Winslow says:

    So happy to see this and read about your life right now. We are praying for you as you go through this unusual time. Hi to the boys!
    Susan and Mike


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