We’re Coming to the United States in a Month!

Hey all! We are excited to say we will be in the United States next month! We can’t wait to see you all!

We’re writing this blog post with several goals in mind. To ask that you pray for us and all the preparations that come with leaving our home and ministry for 4+ months. To look for connections for needs on our stateside assignment. And to start the conversation about building relationships with you where we are there.

PRAY FOR US: Pray for us as we are finishing up our school year, church & ministry commitments, soccer, and more. Eric just got back from traveling to the Association of Certified Biblical Counselor (ACBC) National Conference this past week in North Carolina. He is preaching and teaching in several places here in Argentina in October before we go.

Last soccer game of the season!

It’s going to be a busy month! Pray that the Lord gives us rest, clarity and wisdom in the next best thing to do, and love for Christ and the people around us, including our kids, in all the busyness.

CONNECTIONS NEEDED: We still have several pending needs for places to stay and vehicles while in the States. We do have some plans and options, but if you have connections in any of the following areas, please contact us!

Needs: Housing/Vehicle near Santa Monica, California from Dec. 7-15, Vehicle in Louisville or Cincinnati area from Dec. 29-Jan 12, Vehicle in Boynton Beach/Palm Beach, Florida from Dec. 15-29 & Feb. 28-Mar. 11.

STARTING THE CONVERSATION: Here is a general itinerary of where we will be in the States in the next few months. Please contact us to set up a time to hang out! We can’t wait to see as many of you as possible!

  • Nov 4-Dec 2 NW Washington
    • Eric will also be traveling alone to Missouri, Iowa, & Mexico City during this time.
  • Dec 2-15 Oregon & California
  • Dec 15-Dec 29 Florida
  • Dec 29-Jan 12 Midwest (including Cross Conference)
  • Jan 12-Feb 15 NW Washington
  • Feb 15-Feb 28 Idaho
  • Feb 28-Mar 11 Florida

It has been 4 years or more since we have seen many of you. Through experience, we all know that sometimes connections take time to re-cultivate. And most of you don’t know our kids well anymore, (especially Logan who was 4 months old when we got here). They often have a hard time remembering some people and things in the States.

So we leave you with this link that has some great suggestions about questions you can specifically ask missionary kids. Please read it for some great ideas of ways to connect with us and our kids. If you’re looking for a way to minister and help while we are visiting—asking questions and being interested in our kids lives here, would be a wonderful way to start. We can’t wait to ask you questions about your life as well!

10 Questions Missionary Kids Would Love to be Asked

Thanks for being a part of our ministry here and there!

Contact us at abisrorfamily@rtim.org if you have any connections or you want to set up a time to meet. Thanks for your love and prayers!

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