Thankful that we arrived

The Abisror clan arrived safely in Argentina on Feb 2nd. After a long 24 hour travel day, we were glad to be in our new home country. The boys did a wonderful job, and we were thankful to have Bri P along with us to help us. We feel like we are adjusting to life here and trying to figure things out. So here is a brief update on various parts of our life.

1) What are some basic facts? We are currently 5 hours ahead of the west coast. It is very hot! When we arrived it was about 98 degrees. Most homes don’t have A/C so we are getting along with our fans. It should be cooler next week. In the 80s. Since Argentina is in the S. Hemisphere, it is our summer time.

2) Where are we living? Currently we are living at a pastors house with his wife. They have been very generous to have us until we find a place. Moreover, it looks like we found a place to rent that is in the neighborhood that we wanted close to a school. It is perfect for what we were looking for.

3) What is our plan for the next several weeks? Really just spending time adjusting. We are learning how to shop for food, furniture, and everything else. On Jan 15 we are going to go the public school and try and get the kids enrolled. After that we will get ourselves enrolled in language school. We will also try to finish our visa process.

4) How are we getting around? The other missionaries have been huge help in driving us to different places. The taxi and bus service also work pretty well. So we rely on that. We are hoping to try and secure a vehicle  within the next couple of weeks. So you can pray for that.

5) How can you keep in touch with us? As alway, the best ways to get our updates are through this blog, facebook, our newsletter, and our youtube channel. We will try to do a facebook live within the next couple of weeks to talk about our journey so far and field any questions.

6) How are the kids doing? Actually really amazing! They have had a few fits, but overall they have handled the transition much better than I thought. They are enjoying spending time with the other MKs.

6) How can you pray for us? Pray that we can get a car, pray that we can get in our house, pray that we can get the kids in school. Pray for our continual reliance on the Lord for everything.


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