Video update from the kids

We have been in Argentina for a year and a half. A lot has happened in a year and a half, including learning a new language. One of the frequent questions that we get from people is concerning our kids. They frequently want to know how our kids have adapted to life in Argentina. Although they have had their share of difficulties at times, I would say they have adapted well. We made a video of them that I think you will enjoy and help answer some of the questions that people have.



4 thoughts on “Video update from the kids

  1. Nurturing the Heart says:

    That was the best!!! They’re all so full of life and energy. It was so much fun to watch! What a great idea. I hope you do this again!

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  2. Don & Betty Webster says:

    We loved the video! To see the boys “in action” was just like having them here—amazing changes!
    Don & Betty


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