Missionary Kid Q&A

Josiah, our oldest son, recently took the time to sit down and type out some responses to questions that we wrote out for him.  We think you will enjoy his responses and be interested in what God is doing in his life here.  Thanks for being involved in the life of our family!

So here is Josiah: IMG_9619

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Josiah. I like playing soccer outside. I am in 5th grade at Gabriela mistral. My favorite things are FIFA 19 on my ps4. My favorite food is pizza.My least favorite thing is taking a nap. My least favorite food is Moshrooms.  When I grow up I want to be singer

What has it been like to live in Argentina for you?

It is kinda hard living here in Argentina because they speak Spanish and so times it’s hard to understand.

What is your favorite thing about Argentina?

That we can stay up later in the night and having asados so we can stay to like…….. 3 AM.

What do you like about your church here?

That we have Sunday School and we play always play soccer. We just had a camp for preteens9a2aa46d-e8a6-4d0c-8109-78da1aadcf3f

What is your favorite thing to say in Spanish?

I don’t know…………… maybe saying Futbol [which means soccer]

Who are your best friends here?

I have a friends named Agustin, Misael,Kayden,and Pedtro

What is your favorite place you’ve visited in Argentina?

So far I’ve liked a place called La Falda.

What do you miss about the United States?

What I miss about the US is that I miss my friends, I miss my church and sometimes the food.

What is your favorite food here?

Definitely the empanadas filled with jamón y queso (ham and cheese).

What the same here compared to your life in the US?

Maybe still having my family with me.

What do your parents do here?IMG_9611

My dad goes to other parts of Argentina some times, and when he’s in Cordoba he will go to a co-working office to work with “silence” and sometimes he will work at home but it depends on the day. My mom stays with us when dad goes away to other parts of Argentina.

Tell us about your typical day.

8:15 We wake up.

8:30 We eat breakfast.

8:45 We start our morning chore timer fo 25 minutes.

9:15 We start doing homework from the previous day.

10:15 Isaac starts Spanish tutoring

10:45 Me and Jackson start tutoring

11:50 We get out of tutoring.

12:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to school at 12:00 and Tuesday and Thursday Jackson goes at 12:00pm.

12:30 We eat lunch (If I go to school, I take my lunch with me).

12:45 We do our lunch chores and get ready for school.

1:00 We sit down and read together for 45 minutes.

2:00 We go to school.

3:45 We get our first recess.

4:45 We get our second recess.

5:00 Ben gets home from school.

5:45 We do the flag ceremony at school.

6:00 We get out of school.

6:15-7:00 We will read, take a shower and/or play outside.

7:15 We will eat dinner.

7:35 We get ready for bed and play.

8:00- 8:45 We do circle time (our family devotion and conversation time).

9:00-9:15 We might read.

9:20 We go to bed.

Tell us one challenge that you have here.

One main challenge is speaking Spanish and learning it.

How can we pray for you specifically?

You can pray that we can tell more people about Jesus.

What is one thing that you have learned about God here?

I have learned that God always keeps His promises.IMG_9061

2 thoughts on “Missionary Kid Q&A

  1. dariley7@gmail.com says:


    Was fun to hear from your perspective about your time in Argentina, what you like, what your challenges are, and just about your day to day activities. Thank you for sharing! I was thinking you’d mention dulce de leche. I hope we can make that when you visit!😊 Love you! And hi to the family! Jeri Riley

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